Originals & Prints of

West Virginia Wildlife 

in Soft Pastels 



"All nature sings, and round me rings the music of the spheres". *


Elaine Maxham Diller

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Prints on magnets, bookmarks, stickers, and paper!

New! Coloring Book

Coloring Book.jpg

10 pages of black and white drawings traced by me from my originals! Have fun, relax, experiment with art and learn something about each flower as you color. Go for a drive, take a walk and  look for these flowers and more!. 

$11.95 (Shipping is free)
Art on a Sticker!  
Monarch butterfly by Elaine

Perfect for your phone, laptop, tablet, water bottle, notebooks, backpacks and more. Created from original art and printed at an American company. Shipping is always free.

$3.95 (shipping is free)

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Elaine Maxham Diller


304-646-7719  ediller@naturesingsart.com

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Common Milkweed

Summer blossoms of tiny flowers in pink and white. These grow on tall stalks with large leaves in August found along roadsides and in fields.