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Farewell Summer...

I first posted this blog in 2016 when I was just starting to work on the drawing of these purple and yellow beauties. It has proven to be one of my best-selling prints and I am excited to now be offering the original in a beautiful gold frame. The following words remain true every September since I started this venture.


Such a bittersweet time of the year. I talk to myself a lot in August, reminders whispered aloud as I walk the trails and paths with my dog, Peggy Sue. Reminders to savor the colors of late summer--deep purples, scarlet reds, brilliant yellows, and dark greens. Cautioning my thoughts not to stray to the near future months when colors will disappear and I will long for these very colors of late summer months.

I heard this deep purple flower called "Farewell Summer" when I first moved to Pocahontas County; that's how I've thought of iron weed ever since. It grows in abundance in late August into September, usually in fields or close to water.

I found this bouquet with yellow "sneezeweed" all around by the Greenbrier River at Stillwell Park in Marlinton.

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