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Sweet Spring

Even after a warm winter, spring is always welcome! After leaves appear, the guessing game begins; I will give up on seeing a trout lily, blood root, or jack-in-the-pulpit this season when, overnight, the blooms will appear. It's always as if I'd never seen one wildflowers but especially after winter months.

Then the race is on...there are so many short-lived exotic wildflowers, I can't get to the drawing board fast enough. And then I take forever (it seems) to get the sketch done so I can apply color with my pastels.

I've finished my twelfth flower in my recent series of drawings. I put together some of my favorites that dwell in forests, near rushing waters when the rain has been plentiful like this season. I hope you'll enjoy the "Fiddlehead ferns and Red Trillium" that I found in late April of this year.


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